The Felloeship


A team project I directed at the Bartlett.

George Scammell was a Victorian wheelwright who worked in the Spitalfields area of London during the late 1800s. The project deploys solid oak quarter arcs, or Felloes, jointed to fabricate cartwheels. The Felloes are re-envisioned to become tessellated components within a dynamic intervention. A space of negotiation and exchange, of activation and deployment, balance and poise. Inherently schizophrenic it is both convivial and confrontational, open ended and defensive. The oak felloes are charred black to light accentuating this uncertain territory and echoing the wheel forming process of heated steel on wood. The structure suggests a liminality is being explored between vehicle and landscape, acceleration and stasis. 


CNC cut European oak joined with steel rods. Efficient milling of close to 300 parts enabled by a bespoke vacuum bed design.